Videnskab og kliniske studier med vandopløseligt A-vitamin

Vitamin A is essential for the growth of cells and
for differentiation in the broadest sense of the word,
and this also applies to the skin. Skin care with
vitamin A formulations are preferred for regeneration
of skin cells, for preventing premature aging of skin
as well as to reduce wrinkles (through increase of skin
thickness and elasticity).

The unique biological effect of the EpilaDerm®-HomeCare
can be explained by the effect of the water soluble vitamin A,
which more easily can penetrate the skin barrier.
The vitamin A is therefore consequently being absorbed by
the skin making the skin cells regenerate from within in a
more physiological and more gentle way (without side
effects such as red, light-sensitive and irritated skin) than
otherwise typically observed.


Measuring of absorption: Absorption is a prerequisite for a cream to affect the skin. Water soluble vitamin A has a unique ability to be absorbed by the skin, which is confirmed by a so-called absorption study. The study was carried out using a test membrane with the same properties as human skin. After 1 hour, the skin had absorbed 3.1 percent of the conjugated (water-soluble) vitamin A (60 times better than ordinary fat-soluble vitamin A)*.

* The below study of skin regeneration documents the effect from water soluble Vitamin A on the skin structure. 

The first signs of ageing skin are loss of elasticity and skin thickness. The double-blind study above has shown that water soluble vitamin A actually improves both elasticity (by 18 percent) and skin thickness (by 31 percent) after 3 months' use.  Use of an ordinary vitamin A cream did not result in equivalent improvements.

The lasting effect has been documented by measuring the improvement in skin thickness and elasticity after 3 months' use of water soluble vitamin A. After this, the testees did not use water soluble vitamin A (or any other vitamin A cream) for a period of one year. Later tests showed that 25 percent of the effect was maintained. Continuous use of water soluble vitamin A keeps the skin young and elastic! 

Effect and safety.
For a long period of time there has been convincing evidence showing that cream with vitamin A acid has an anti-wrinkle effect, but also considerable side-effects such as red, light-sensitive and irritated skin. A comparative study has shown that water soluble vitamin A has the same improving effect on the skin as cream with vitamin A acid, but without any side-effects!

Water soluble vitamin A creams can consequently also be used in the summer time.