More about sugaring

The common term “Sugaring” describes the gentle and root-deep epilation/removal of hairs using a natural based paste-substance consisting of sugar and water (sugar paste).

There are different professional sugaring-techniques* with different requirements to the users know-how as well as different precision in the epilation and quality of the hair removal results:


The epilation/depilation is here done with the classic strip-technique and still primarily against the hairs growth direction!

This method is suitable as an alternative to classic waxing and/or as an intermediate solution on the way to acquiring know-how in using the manual method without strips.

Standard-Method (cooked, brown sugar pastes):

The epilation is here done manually, usually in the hairs growth direction and typically using more simple-to-use sugaring-handtechniques, which are mainly suitable for sugar pastes with higher inner viscosities.

Due to the applicable sugar pastes high inner resistance/friction, this method can often lead to reduced comfort for the customer as the pastes usually require relatively high pressure, when applied onto the skin. At the same time this method of application increases the risk of hair breakage by the epilation.

This method can not be used with low-viscosity sugar pastes.  When such pastes are used with the standard-technique, they tend to get stuck to the skin and lead to increased blood circulation of the skin surface as well as skin irritations.

Expert-Sugaring with low viscosity sugar pastes:

The epilation is here done with a Expert-Fingertip-Technique and only in the hairs growth direction using very soft and more fluid sugar paste consistencies with low inner viscosity!
This assures that the sugar paste by itself – and without using any pressure - sinks deep into the hair follicle opening thereby adhering to the hair relatively deep inside the follicle.

These special properties enables in most cases and by all types of hair an effective and root-deep epilation with reduced sensation of pain for the customer as well as a minimum of hairs braking off inside the hair follicle!

Expert-sugaring is widely usable and assures a very precise epilation, ranging from single hairs (e.g. eye brows) to fast and thorough epilation of larger areas (e.g. lower legs)!

* according to danlab ltd´s knowledge in november 2010.